​​is designed to walk with a believer and reveal the sufficiency and nearness of Jesus, in a way that in the midst of all their troubles, hurt, pain and confusion hope in Him is all they need. (Galatians 2:20)  Read More
May 24
This teaching will define the age-old methods of temptation and how these methods are unique for the Christian. It will explore what makes temptation so alluring for the believer, how the subtleties of temptation can deceive the Christian into sinning and explain the only solution provided for the way to
resist temptation.
May 25
 In John 10:10 – Jesus promises He came that we would have Life and have it abundantly. The amazing result of the Grace of God is that the believer has the potential to experience the Life of Christ in their daily walk. This teaching will describe the process by which God makes the abundant Life of His Son a reality in us, to us and through us. 
All the public teaching events provided by Crossnet Ministries are offered on
a donation basis with the exception of the Exchanged Life Advanced Training.