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    It was in March 1999 that the Lord first opened my eyes to the liberating truth of Christ as my life. It was during a Grace Life Conference led by Don Higgins in Calgary. My personal life was crumbling and I was burning out in my pastoral ministry under the burden of trying to build the church for the Lord. This crushing burden was removed from my shoulders during that conference when God revealed to me through the scriptures that He had known all along that I could never live the Christian life let alone fulfill the demands of pastoral ministry. Only Jesus could do it and He was waiting for me to quit trying to do it for Him and instead trust Christ to live through me the life I could never live. Since that first Grace Life Conference God has been transforming my life and ministry through the truths that were taught.
    Pastor Ron Stone, Parkdale Grace Fellowship
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    I had been a Christian for 40 years and I knew the Bible promised not only life, but abundant life. It also promised the fruit of the Spirit in my life. This was NOT happening in my life. There was no joy, no peace, no rest. I tried bible studies, conferences, special groups on spiritual development, books on how to grow closer to God, etc., etc. Nothing changed! In Nov 2014 I was invited to an Exchanged Life Conference held at my church. Another conference, nothing to lose, so I went. The teaching at that conference totally, utterly, and completely changed me! I went from death to Life! I was shown why my previous walk had been an absolute failure. I was shown the whole truth of Life in Christ and how God sees me. My life is now abundant, peaceful, joyous and more exciting than I could ever have believed. The fruit of the Spirit is becoming evident in my life. My relationship with God is awesome. My relationships with family and friends are improved. The Bible has come alive. The Holy Spirit teaches me, guides me, speaks to me, corrects me. I thank God for Crossnet Ministries and the Exchanged Life Conferences. If you seek a deeper walk with God, please attend a conference. You will be amazed!
    In Christ. K. M.
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    I get it now! I was trying to perform for Jesus. As I had been raised to meet expectations as a child and first born son. But grace was freely given to which I do not deserve. I cannot be made more righteous in God's eyes than I already am. Huge game changer for my journey in faith. I am ever grateful for you and this teaching. I can walk in freedom now. I want more Christians to get this teaching. I almost have finished "Classic Christianity" - Bob George in one sitting. Huge self-revelation!
    Thank you again. J.B.
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    Prior to taking these conferences, I sensed I was missing something in my spiritual life. I had been living for myself and unaware that God was calling me or inviting me to come to a deeper understanding of what it means to be in a relationship with Him. I was hesitant and unsure about taking an Exchanged Life Conference. The enemy told me lies and I listened to them. There is great opposition from the enemy to keep the truth of the Gospel hidden from those who seek after God. The conference is exciting in that it reveals the truth of God’s word through an in-depth study of the meaning of the scriptures. My understanding of the scriptures studied in the conference was blinded prior to having been exposed to this conference. My eyes were opened and my heart changed in a life-changing way. My understanding of why my life was the way it was in terms of being burnt out, stressed out, and running in circles trying to please God through my own efforts, changed dramatically. The joy I now experience in life far exceeds the joy I had prior to having taken the conference. My level of confidence and courage has increased far beyond where it used to be. The relationships I have with my family and friends has grown deeper because of the truths I have learned through this conference. I now understand what it means to have Jesus Christ as my life. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Praise God for the Exchanged Life Conferences and Workshops!
    In Christ. C.R.
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    Life was not always all peaches and cream. I had struggled a lot and backslid many times as I was still living in sin and never fully gave everything to God. When I finally surrendered everything and allowed Jesus to be my life (Galatians 2:20) my life has been on the up constantly. I cannot begin to explain what it is like to have full faith and trust in God in everything, God has given me such a peace, it goes beyond all understanding. I really hope that everyone who has to ask Jesus into their lives or already has, please surrender everything to him and fully devote your life to following him. Follow Galatians 2:20 and let Jesus rule everything about you. It has been the best thing ever. I was always in control and was afraid to give it up, but now, I am so very glad I did. Life is far better now than it ever has been. The difference is, yes “I still got problems”, but I have a peace and understanding that God can solve everything because now it is His strength and no longer mine. May God richly bless all of you and I hope my testimony can help you to see that Jesus is the ONLY way, the ONLY truth, and the ONLY life.
    God Bless. C.C.
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    Let me share my joy and the excitement of God's grace with you singing praises to thank my Maker. This new found joy is still coming up and going into the members of my body. I didn't have a transcendental experience, nor did I see stars and fire-works; but peace and joy is filling me up, the outflow from me becomes songs of praise! The Christian Life is not about performance but of communion with Christ -- to connect and to receive His Grace to us. We're God's children -- we have everything which God owns at our disposal. We received this gift box but we never opened it up. We're holding the gift unopened and pray to God, asking Him to give us this and that so that we can live a victorious Christian Life, don't you think it's a little silly? There's no need to pray like that, all we need to do is to thank Him for all Christ has done for us, praise Him for His glory which includes us sharing in that glory with Him! Nothing can change our position in Christ! Because he's already accepted us! Isn't it wonderful? I found it helpful to be reminded that Jesus Christ the Lord has become My Life, and thus His is my Strength, Peace, Hope, Rest, Faithfulness… my ALL! The list of provisions goes on and on to crush all the obstacles coming my way. What a package that I have received! Wow! I'm just like a little kid opening his birthday present, wide eyed with a dropped jaw to marvel at this gift!
    M. W.
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    The Exchanged Life Conference is the glorious, good news of Jesus’ death AND His resurrection - the full Gospel, which teaches that Jesus is not only our Saviour and Lord, but He is our LIFE!!!! This is not a “prosperity” type message!! This is about the abundant life which is available to all Christians, in EVERY circumstance in life! This conference has a very solid, biblical foundation and encourages Christians to understand who they are in Christ and what that means for everyday life. We are not always as biblically-minded as we think we are when it comes to our identity in Christ and how that affects our everyday life. I appreciated the teaching on suffering being part of the Christian life, the conference calls a spade a spade, which I think will surprise you as it seems so contrary to everything we are usually taught. The ministry was established in faith knowing that the unadulterated Gospel message of Grace changes lives and sets Christians free from bitterness, defeat, un-forgiveness, etc, etc. I encourage you to attend this conference which is packed full of so much good teaching that is needed over and over again!!
    J. K.
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    God is restoring and redeeming our lives every day and we have been through some very difficult trials the past few years, we are seeing His hope for the future and His strength made perfect in our weaknesses.
    J & T B
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    Thank God for His Word! His living Word! For it was there that my seeking heart found answers! I also thank God for His obedient servants who walked with me as I came to know in my mind and believe in my heart that I am all that God says I am in the Bible. Not because of what I have or have not done but because of who God is and what Jesus has done for me. I would encourage everyone to go to an Exchanged Life Conference and not stop at just once. We all need to hear over and over again God’s truth of who we are in Christ, to receive the Glorious new Life in Christ and to build on that relationship. My flesh has been exposed for what it is but the battle has been won! I now choose to live the Life of Victory. My journey continues as moment by moment I trust the work of the Holy Spirit to transform my mind. I pray that you too will choose Jesus as your Life.
    In Christ. R.T.
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    The ministry of Exchanged Life has helped me realize that my peace does not depend on what other people do or don’t do, nor on what people say or don’t say. Rather my peace on the ‘outside’ depends on abiding in Christ, who lives on the ‘inside’. This healing from codependence has helped me improve my relationships with family and friends.
    Thank you. V. C.
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    I am very thankful for the help that is being provided through Crossnet Ministries. For the many hours that have been put into preparing and teaching, as well as the time that has been spent mentoring me personally, I am truly grateful. Because of the ministry, my life is very different from what it was 5 years ago. I have a job that others think is mundane and yet I find myself humming and enjoying the menial work. I have noticed that my response to my family has changed as well because my attitude is so much better toward them than it used to be. This is because of the teaching that I have received. I find that not only do I look at people differently, but I am actually having an impact on how they see life as well. I have been passing on the teaching which I received to a lady who is going through some very difficult things in her life, and, for the first time in months, she finds herself smiling and laughing. Her whole outlook on life has changed! Thanks again!
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    I've been a student and disciple of Crossnet Ministries for about 5 years. The rewards (blessings) of participating in the conferences, workshops, the book of Romans Study and now my participation in taking the Exchanged Life Advanced Training course are beyond measure. I've enrolled in some of these courses a number of times because of the tremendous richness they offer. My level of understanding about who God is and how I function as a person has grown progressively. By applying what I've learned through Crossnet Ministries in everyday life, my days are filled with much more joy. When faced with specific challenges in life, I'm much better equipped to deal with them. My interpersonal skills have improved, my relationships with others have improved, both in my place of employment as well as outside my work. My life prior to getting involved with Crossnet Ministries could be compared to running on a treadmill and going nowhere. My life now is like an awaking process to the joy of living. I'm also excited to see the positive changes in others who are involved in this ministry. I consider it a privilege and honor to have taken the many courses offered by Crossnet Ministries and I look forward in anticipation to my continued involvement and growth.